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Investing in Tomorrow: Preparing Students for Their Finance Careers

Join us on April, Friday, 5th at 1 pm EST for an exclusive collaboration with the highly respected and premier training platform, Training The Street. Our "Investing in Tomorrow: Preparing Students for Their Finance Careers" webinar is designed for finance and accounting educators looking to gain industry insights on what the largest financial employers seek in future professionals.

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable strategies and resources for shaping the future of finance professionals!

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Prepare Students for Career Success

By attending this session, you'll:

  • Gain industry insights: Learn about the pain points top-ranking financial institutions face with the newer workforce.

  • Connect with fellow educators: Engage in meaningful discussions and share insights with our vibrant community of spreadsheet users.

  • Get your questions answered: Our team will be there to provide a comprehensive breakdown of ExPrep's features and benefits.

Meet The Panelist

Brandon Eng | CEO of ExPrep

Brandon began his journey in 2015 as an Entrepreneur & Marketing major from Syracuse University. During his time at Syracuse, he noticed a need for Microsoft Excel training on his campus. His professors would constantly mention the need to know Excel –– thus, he sought to find a solution to this problem and created the Excel Training Course.

Now, Brandon's primary focus is improving the user experience of spreadsheet-based assignments. Many publisher platforms restrict educators to only allow the use of their curated worksheets, and students are often limited in the ways they can solve specific problems and receive full credit for an answer. The ExPrep Grading platform allows for customization and content management on Excel with the benefit of instant grading.

Scott Rostan | Founder, Global CEO, Principal & Instructor

Scott founded Training The Street in 1999 with the desire to combine his passion for finance and his love of teaching. In addition to his responsibilities as CEO and principal, Scott is an instructor, oversees content innovation for TTS, and is a lead relationship manager for the firm. Scott began his professional career as an analyst with Merrill Lynch´s M&A group in New York. After gaining transactional experience in a broad range of industries and with a wide spectrum of clients, Scott decided to draw more directly on his teaching gifts. He began working with Merrill´s Analyst and Associate Investment Banking Training Programs, ultimately becoming the lead instructor, content administrator, and manager. After Merrill, Scott felt a calling to contribute more directly to society and taught at The Field School in Washington, D.C., where he also coached several sports teams. Recognizing a need for analysts to gain a better grasp of financial modeling and corporate valuation, Scott decided to build on his classroom teaching experience and founded TTS to meet a rising demand for high-quality, hands-on instruction in the application of finance theory through real-world simulation.

Scott Rostan
Ross Riley |Director, Data Analytics & Senior Instructor at Training The Street

Ross joined TTS in 2006 from Bear Stearns Merchant Banking/BSMB, a private equity affiliate of Bear Stearns & Co, Inc., where he was responsible for the execution of transactions in the consumer products and healthcare industries. Ross began his banking career with a summer internship at Salomon Smith Barney in 2000. He joined UBS in 2001 as an analyst in the M&A group, executing a number of transactions in a wide variety of industries, including consumer products, healthcare and financial services.